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Multivitamin and Mineral

What do you get from the bottle of Niemans

Niemans™ is associated with the fact that it contains a wide variety of valuable nutrients with health-promoting substances and limited allergenic properties. It provides valuable nutrients for the human body with various health conditions and can be used as supportive therapies in disease treatment and recovery.

Niemans™ brand has been more than 20 years in the market and consumers always talk about its effectiveness then spread it widely. Nowadays, this ‘superfood’ supplement become a daily requirement as more consumer concern about healthy life and the threat of diseases. Since this product does not contain any drugs and synthetic chemicals, it was classified into a food supplement by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

More and more research has been carried out related to the contents of this product and significantly shows that positive results for human health consumption. Many diseases originate because of unbalanced gut flora. A disturbed intestinal flora leads to vitamin deficiencies and general weakness. Bad bacteria produce toxic residues, which irritates the guts and will be transferred into the bloodstream.

Niemans™ helps to stimulates the increase of good bacteria in the bowel flora, which results in the fact that bad bacteria cannot multiply. In this way, the absorption of toxic substances in the bloodstream will decrease.

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